About Rare Cancers

  • Rare cancer patients and researchers are in serious need of support.
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Insufficient funding for rare cancer research leaves patients with very few, if any, treatment options.

Cost VS. Benefits:

Developing treatments for rare diseases—affecting fewer than 200,000 Americans—is not financially viable for most pharmaceutical companies.1

Due to the lack of funding, researchers lack basic tools needed to make progress—in many cases patients are treated with therapies designed for other cancers.

  • Top Three NCI Funded Cancers
  • Esophageal Cancer


In 2012, the top three cancers funded by the National Cancer Institute received $1.2 billion in funding, while esophageal cancer received 2% of that amount.2

Of the top 8 deadliest cancers, 7 are rare.
Deadly cancers have a 5 year survival rate under 50%.
In many cases, survival rates are significantly lower.3

  • New Cases
  • Deaths


The National Cancer Institute estimates there will be 18,170 new cases of esophageal cancer and 15,450 deaths in 2014 alone.4

TargetCancer Foundation is changing the outlook for those fighting rare cancers by funding innovative rare cancer research, fostering collaborations between researchers, and raising awareness.

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