TCF Funded Research and Scientific Updates

A New Rare Cancer Partnership

How do you define a rare cancer?

This is one the most commonly asked questions we receive- and the answer isn’t a simple one. While the default factor cited usually involves the number of patients affected by the disease, that can vary dramatically, from as few as a handful of people a year to as many as 20,000. As a result, the most definitive criteria are often determined by the treatment and research landscape: Continue reading

Our largest round of grants to date.

We are proud to announce our largest round of rare cancer grant funding to date: $200,000 in new grants supporting innovative rare cancer research, as well as a new program supporting patients facing cholangiocarcinoma. Learn more about each of these exciting new grants and programs below. Continue reading

Fostering esophageal cancer progress.

In 2012, we identified a need for a scientific meeting uniting key players in cholangiocarcinoma research. In order to best foster collaboration and informal discussion, however, we wanted a format that was different that that of the typical scientific meeting. This approach led us to the TargetCancer Foundation Think Tank on Cholangiocarcinoma– a unique meeting that united not only cholangiocarcinoma experts, but also leaders from other rare cancers who shared their experiences of successfully bringing those cancers out of orphan status. Continue reading

Casual beginnings for an innovative collaboration.

Great coverage of TargetCancer Foundation’s support of an innovative esophageal cancer collaboration at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Continue reading

Giving new hope to patients.

When the late Paul Poth was diagnosed with a form of cancer so rare there was no treatment, he helped to launch a highly promising area of cancer research that is giving new hope to patients.” 

A great piece from a Massachusetts General Hospital newsletter on TargetCancer Foundation’s work with MGH that recently led to a new cholangiocarcinoma clinical trial.

Read the entire story here.

You can help support this clinical trial! Learn more.

Help us reach our clinical trial goal!

We recently announced the exciting news that research initiated by TargetCancer Foundation has led to a new cholangiocarcinoma clinical trial. We are truly proud to have been a part of the process leading to this trial, and now we’re just as excited to provide funding to support the trial itself. Continue reading

A remarkable year.

As 2014 comes to a close, so does our fifth anniversary year. And what an amazing year it has been! A whirlwind to say the least, but we saw the most significant growth and progress in the history of TargetCancer Foundation.

And there’s no time to rest in year six- our next round of grants will be awarded in January, and we already have events on the calendar for the winter and spring of 2015. But in the meantime, here’s a look back at some of our accomplishments from the past year.

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Our inaugural post.

Welcome to the TargetCancer Foundation Blog! We are thrilled to introduce this new platform for all things related to TargetCancer Foundation.

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