A new Patient Assistance Fund

A new Patient Assistance Fund

In 2015, research funded by TargetCancer Foundation led directly to a new cholangiocarcinoma clinical trial testing the effectiveness of dasatinib- an existing, FDA-approved treatment, currently used to treat leukemia– against a specific sub-type of cholangiocarcinoma. In addition to funding the research leading to that trial, we also provided a grant funding the costs of the trial itself.

Today, we are taking our support of that trial one step further by providing financial support to patients participating in it. A new Patient Assistance Fund provides direct financial support to patients, in the form of reimbursements for expenses related to participating in the trial, such as lodging, travel, and meals.

These expenses can quickly become very overwhelming, and this is only compounded for patients traveling to Boston from out-of-state to participate. By providing reimbursement of expenses to patients, we hope to relieve some of the financial burden incurred by participating in this clinical trial.

Patients wishing to participate in this program can find more information in the flyer attached here, and can also directly contact TargetCancer Foundation Executive Director Jim Palma.