Grief- You’re Back Again?

Written by Kristen Palma, TargetCancer Foundation President.

Here is what I have learned about grief after having to cope with it for eleven years.  It is like that old t-shirt in the back of your drawer that pops up every year when you are doing your spring cleaning. You forgot it was there but it shows up each season and for some reason you decide to keep it- never ready to let it go. But you never wear it either. Continue reading

Rare Cancer Research During COVID-19

By TCF research grant recipients Nabeel Bardeesy, PhD, of the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center,  and Adam Bass, MD of Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. Since 2010, TargetCancer Foundation has supported Dr. Bardeesy’s work in cholangiocarcinoma, and Dr. Bass’ work in gastroesophageal cancer Continue reading

My Story of Grief: Experiencing the loss of a loved one during COVID-19

By Kimberley Balkus, TCF volunteer and advocate

2,403 days.

The number of days that my mom, Geri Keegan, lived with cholangiocarcinoma. She was given one year to live and every additional day we had with her was an absolute blessing. Continue reading

In Julienne’s Footsteps: Climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to Honor a Life

By guest writer Karen Dempsey

The bonds that Julienne Morriss Callaway forged and the values she embraced in life have been instrumental in sustaining her family in the aftermath of her death from cholangiocarcinoma. Continue reading

An Insider’s Perspective

Dr. Monika Laszkowska, a gastroenterology fellow, next to the poster she presented at the 2019 TargetCancer Foundation Think Tank on Advancing Gastroesophageal Cancer Research. She shares her reflections on her experience at the meeting below. Continue reading

2019 Cholangiocarcinoma Research Grant Announcement

TargetCancer Foundation is proud to announce a new two-year, $240,000 grant to the Bardeesy Lab at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center brings our overall investment in cholangiocarcinoma research to over $1 million since 2011. 

Continue reading

Building the tools of cholangiocarcinoma research- a researcher’s reflection.

In December 2019, TargetCancer Foundation announced $240,000 in new cholangiocarcinoma grant funding. The following post was written by Grant Recipient Nabeel Bardeesy. 

I would like to congratulate TargetCancer Foundation for its outstanding contribution to research in rare and under-studied cancers over the past 10 years. My laboratory at the Massachusetts General Hospital has been a long-time partner of TCF, and their support has been essential in enabling work at MGH and beyond to expand research in cancers of the bile ducts (cholangiocarcinoma). TCF fulfills an important gap in research funding—providing venture capital toward areas that have been neglected and fall out of the domain of more conservative funding sources. This is crucial for rare cancers. Continue reading

10 years ago today.

Today TargetCancer Foundation remembers our founder, Paul Poth, whose life was taken by cholangiocarcinoma at age 39 on this day ten years ago- August 22, 2009.

As with every patient, Paul’s life was so much more than his diagnosis and illness. He was a husband, father, son, brother, uncle and friend who lived his life with passion and compassion. When he learned of his diagnosis, he put his energy and passion to work by creating TargetCancer Foundation to remove the barriers to research and treatments for rare cancers like his.

After ten years we have seen great progress, and there is great hope. This hope is moving TargetCancer Foundation into a new and exciting chapter that will help to change the experience of a rare cancer diagnosis for future patients. But today, we step back to celebrate his life, his humor, his great mind, and his devotion to helping others that continues to inspire and guide our work every day.

Teeing off for TargetCancer Foundation

By TargetCancer Foundation 2019 Summer Intern Ollie Cheever

The fifth annual Matt Lindsay Memorial Golf Tournament tees off this Saturday, August 3rd, at the Awarii Dunes Golf Course in Axtell, Nebraska. Matthew Lindsay passed away in 2014 at the age of 28 from cholangiocarcinoma, also known as bile duct cancer. Ever since, the Lindsay family has been commemorating his memory with the annual tournament, with funds directed to cholangiocarcinoma research through TargetCancer Foundation.

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A holiday reflection

By Alie Plouff, TargetCancer Foundation Advocacy Council Member

Like many things in life, grief isn’t black and white. In fact, it is mostly one large gray area. Grief and how it manifests itself is different for everyone. For me, grief comes in waves. I lost my mom, Kathy, in April 2017 to cholangiocarcinoma,  a rare and aggressive cancer of the bile duct. Most days, I am able to navigate my grief by reflecting on the abundance of fond memories I shared with my mom. Sometimes, though, the waters are rough. The feeling of loss is overwhelming, and I wish so badly that I had more time to spend with her. Continue reading