Personal Stories

A Sister’s Mission: Advocating for Rare Cancer Research.

A Mother’s Love

This is the first in a series of profiles highlighting the stories of those fighting rare cancers, as well as their friends and family. This series was initiated by TargetCancer Foundation intern Alexa Parisi, who has also written the inaugural post below.  Continue reading

A forum to tell your rare cancer story.

Everyone facing a rare cancer has a story to tell. Whether you are the patient, the doctor, the caregiver, the survivor, or the friend or family member, your story is important, and deserves to be heard by others. Continue reading

Golfing for hope.

UPDATE:  The Matt Lindsay Memorial Golf Tournament was a major success! 16 teams and 64 golfers came out on a beautiful day to honor the memory of Matt Lindsay, and raise critical funds for cholangiocarcinoma research. Over $19,000 was raised, and the funds will be put to use almost immediately in support of TargetCancer Foundation’s cholangiocarcinoma research programs at the Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. 

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Team TCF Runner Profile: Alex Reid

Team TCF Runner Profile: Nicole Garceau

It just is what it is.

The following is a guest post by blogger, intern, and friend of TargetCancer Foundation, DJ Webster.

The words, “I have cancer,” are a combination that no family member wants to hear. It immediately arouses countless intense feelings of pain, doubt, fear and helplessness. The only worse combination of words than “I have cancer,” is when it is followed by, “I’m going to die.” Those two small sentences have the ability to change lives immeasurably. While friends and family members will survive the loss of a loved one, they do not escape unscathed. Cancer will test relationships, personal strength and core beliefs. While the cancer may eventually win the physical fight against the patient, it is important to never allow it to prevail emotionally and allow it to ruin relationships, make us weak, and abandon our values. As long as we continue to fight against cancer, it will never win. Continue reading