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Team TargetCancer Foundation is thrilled to be participating in the 125th running of the Boston Marathon®! Meet the four fantastic runners who are taking on the unique challenge to run the only Boston Marathon ever held in October!

Members of the 2021 TargetCancer Foundation Boston Marathon team













Our 2021 team features the return of three previous team members as well as the introduction of a new athlete into our Team TCF community. Each of their lives has been impacted by rare cancer, and each of them are committed to using their Boston Marathon experience to raise awareness of the critical need for funding for rare cancer research and patient support.

We are so pleased to have Jenny return to the team as she takes on the Boston Marathon for a second time wearing TCF green. Jenny ran as a member of Team TCF19, and we have no doubt her dedication, running prowess, and enthusiasm will set her up for personal bests both for her fundraising and finishing time.

Undeterred by the delay forced by covid-19 in 2020, Ryan is ready to make 2021 the year he continues the Carey Family tradition of running the Boston Marathon for Team TCF. He follows in the footsteps of his two brothers, Colin and Brendan, and we look forward to finally getting to settle which brother is the fastest.

We are excited to welcome siblings Samantha and Tyler Reid to the team!

Samantha is a veteran marathoner who ran Boston in 2016 as a member of Team TCF16 with sister Alexandra, and now Tyler has stepped up to complete the Reid family trifecta in his first Boston Marathon. Samantha and Tyler come from a community that is incredibly supportive of TCF and we cannot wait to see how they rally around this pair.

Read more about our team members, the paths that led them to Team TCF, and their goals for the 2021 Boston Marathon on our team GivenGain webpage!

Please join us in supporting our athletes as they train and simultaneously raise funds that reach TargetCancer Foundation in real time, immediately impacting our research and advocacy work.

**Did you know- many companies will match their employees’ charitable donations- ask your HR rep and find out if can double the size of your gift!**

Are you a BAA qualified runner, or a participant in the 2021 Virtual Boston Marathon? You can join Team TargetCancer Foundation as well- contact us to learn more.


Our sincere thanks to the John Hancock Non-Profit Marathon Program for providing TargetCancer Foundation with Boston Marathon entries. 



Despite the immense challenges they faced, our amazing 2020 team raised over $40,000 for TargetCancer Foundation. Learn more about them here.

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