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Thank you for joining TargetCancer Foundation in raising awareness and funds to support the rare cancer community.

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◻️ Watch the live Molecular Tumor Board session from TargetCancer Foundation’s Think Tank on Advancing Precision Medicine in Rare Cancers, held in Boston on September 21, 2022. This session showcases members of TRACK’s Investigator Team and Molecular Tumor Board providing a behind-the-scenes peek at one of the most critical components of the TRACK study.

◻️ Watch the Boston 25 News highlight clip from TargetCancer Foundation’s 2022 Gala, featuring Boston 25 News Evening Anchor and TCF Gala Host Vanessa Welch.

◻️Be inspired by the 2022 TargetCancer Foundation Gala Patient Keynote address from Allen Chankowsky, author of On the Other Side of Terminal .

◻️ Watch TargetCancer Foundation’s Women On TRACK Lunch & Learn panel event, held in May 2022. This inspiring hour featured female leaders of the TCF-001 TRACK Study team, discussing their unique experiences as successful women in the competitive fields of science and medicine.

◻️Watch the Boston 25 News feature story on TargetCancer Foundation and the TRACK study.

◻️ Watch TargetCancer Foundation’s webinar from Rare Cancer Day 2021 to learn some key details about the TCF-001 TRACK Study and its importance within the field of rare cancer research.

◻️Learn about TCF-001 TRACK, TCF’s patient-driven precision medicine clinical trial focused on all rare cancers

◻️ Read the 2022 Rare Cancer Day press release from the National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD), which features TCF Executive Director Jim Palma.

◻️Read this article about the importance of genomic testing for rare cancer patients, co-written by TCF Executive Director Jim Palma, published in Conquer Magazine

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✳️ Rare Cancer Day Assets (information you can share)

Rare Cancer Day Assets

We have compiled the following digital assets you can use on this special day to help bring awareness to the rare cancer community:

Rare Cancer Day Infographics- Download now!!

Info sheet about TCF 001-TRACK

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