TCF-001 TRACK: Target Rare Cancer Knowledge


Driving precision medicine in rare cancers.

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Since being founded in 2009 by a patient facing cholangiocarcinoma, TargetCancer Foundation (TCF) has stood at the intersection of rare cancer patients, advocates, researchers, and clinicians. TCF is expanding its impact through TCF-001 TRACK, a prospective clinical trial seeking to enroll 400 patients with rare cancers or cancer of unknown primary.

TRACK provides participating rare cancer patients and their physicians with personalized, actionable information to potentially inform treatment, as well as recommendations for on-label, off-label, or clinical trial treatments from an expert panel of rare cancer clinicians and scientists. 

Simultaneously, TRACK generates critical genomic data to drive a better understanding of often overlooked rare cancers. Through a remote consenting process, patients can fully consent and enroll in the TRACK study from their home, and without traveling to a clinical trial site. 


TargetCancer Foundation would like to thank our research collaborator Foundation Medicine for their commitment and leadership in TRACK.

With gratitude for our supporters who share our passion for rare cancers and precision medicine. Contact us to learn more about how to partner on TRACK and future studies.

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